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Ralphie's Bop City Pt. 1

In 1976 or thereabouts, I acquired an answering machine. Which, in 1976, was quite a big deal. In 1976, there were no personal answering machines in use at all. None. No voice mail, no call waiting, nothing. In fact, there weren’t that many businesses that used answering machines, either. In 1976, if you called a business, you usually got a person.
Back then the only recorded phone announcements you heard were from businesses after hours, movie theaters (sometimes), or from doctors who were too stingy to have an answering service. And certainly no private person had an answering machine. If you called someone and the phone rang too many times, you hung up and called back later. Read more

Ralphie's Bop City Pt. 2

In which we consider cashflow. Read more

Ralphie's Bop City Pt. 3

In which a box lunch is won. Read more

Ralphie's Bop City Pt. 4

In which everyone meets everyone else. Read more

Ralphie's Bop City Pt. 5

In which we consider heartfelt connections. Read more

Ralphie's Bop City Pt. 6

In which the pincushion appears. Read more

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