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Ralphie's Bop City Pt. 6

Really the most satisfying part of doing the entire project was hearing answers that surprised and delighted with their unexpected quality. That’s what made the best questions so good; they were broad enough so that there weren’t a lot of duplicate responses, and the answers were really and truly personal. This tape is a good example of that.
I’ve run through all my top-of-mind anecdotes and stories about Ralphie’s at this point. These texts were originally blog posts from 2007, and the whole blog languished after 2008.
My friend Al Dente encouraged me to podcast all the Ralphie's recordings, and now, only 3 years after that conversation, here we are. Many thanks to Craig, who volunteered to set this up.

A cushion for pins.

The artifact this post is another item compliments of the ex. This was a one-ofa-kind item that’s lived in a place of honor in my house for years. It’s functional, although since my need for a pincushion is occasional (and the occasion hasn’t yet presented itself), it remains in it's original pristine condition.
This MP3 is pure bliss; the answers to the question “What was your best summer afternoon?”